Meet Jim Hall

jimhall_photoMEET JIM HALL:

Raised in the racing arena among such notables as Phil Hill, Brian Redman, Al Unser Sr. and Johnny Rutherford, Jim Hall II was practically preordained to spend his life at the track and in the cockpit. In his 37 years in the racing business he has worked as a race mechanic, served as vehicle designer and, most notably, excelled as a driver. Thanks to his skill behind the wheel and a technical approach to driving that relies not just on seat-of-the-pants feel but equally on down to the traction-circle analysis, Jim has garnered more than 250 first place trophies. He’s been Double World Kart Champion, Grand National Karting Champion and has collected multiple wins as a Formula Mazda driver.

In 1982, Jim Hall II created a kart racing school that combines his zest for speed, expertise in driving and commitment to safety. As Executive Instructor, Jim has developed a course curriculum and teaching method that translates those same qualities to the student. Not content to only offer his experience to students at his track, Jim has distilled his knowledge into a comprehensive instructional book, Kart Driving Techniques. When not at the track tuning karts or helping students perfect the subtle nuances of expert driving, Jim can usually be found competing in the Star Formula Mazda Series.