Here’s what individual clients have said about karting and the Jim Hall Racing Club:

“Even though we were ‘outsiders’ to karting, we were made to feel very welcome. It is hard to imagine a karting school that would have a more thoughtful and logical progression of steps or a more extensive, professional and experienced staff.” – J. Bartlett

“I had an absolutely wonderful time. My whole life I have wanted to experience what I did today. I came in second fast time of the day, behind a guy from back East that had been racing for something like 12 years. The crew was super. I can’t wait for more.” – J. Johnson, Sylmar CA

“My 17 year-old son said it was the best day of his life! I think it was because his lap time was better than mine. – D. Balderston, San Luis Obispo, CA

“It was a fantastic experience. The program was well organized from top to bottom. The karts were well-maintained, the staff helpful and very positive.” – B. Kelly, Lancaster, CA

“The class was awesome! Eric, Nick, Nancy, Mark . . . were fantastic. Saying it was fun is almost a disservice. The experience was WAY beyond that. Thanks for the support. I’ll be smilin’ for days.”- D. Beam, Tujunga, CA

“I was very impressed with my whole Jim Hall Racing experience, so much so that after attending a 3-day session in December, I returned with my son in February to repeat the course. The step-by-step progression of the course, and the approach taken by the instructors, has obviously been well thought through by the school. Despite having to learn and apply many concepts, we never felt overwhelmed. The systematic approach gave us confidence on the track, resulted in consistently faster lap times, and delivered a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. The instructors were very professional, encouraging, friendly and courteous. The equipment and track facilities were first rate. I would highly recommend your program to anyone interested in karting – from those looking for a first-time experience to experienced karters looking to refine their racing skills. Regards,” – M. Michalyshyn, Ontario, Canada

“. . . What a grand time I had watching Nadia (age 16) work through her fears on the driving course. . . She didn’t have too much time to process her fear about learning to drive a vehicle of any type. . . Your instructor Jeff was very kind and talked her through her fear. . . This gave her the chance to see what she’s made of. I think she surprised herself. I am so glad I was able to give her this experience. She was in good hands and I can wholeheartedly recommend your training to anyone looking for some fun and excitement.” – J. Albright, Van Nuys, CA

“I just want to take the time to thank you and the entire staff at Jim Hall Kart Racing . I attended the Day 1 A/B class. The entire experience is one I will never forget. Your instructors were helpful, friendly and courteous from start to finish. I came away with a wealth of knowledge and look forward to learning more!” – G. Nercessian, San Dimas, CA

“. . .we had a wonderful time! The weather cooperated, the track dried out and my son, nephew and I had a great time. The Day 2 race was definitely the highlight of the day. Especially since my son, who is 12 and has never driven a kart before, beat my best time by 1.5 seconds. It was a long drive home . . . I didn’t hear the end of how he beat me in a 4-stroke kart.” – George, Newport Beach, CA

“THANK YOU FOR A FANTASTIC, SUPERBLY ARRANGED, AND PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED RACE SERIES!!!!!!!!! The environment that you and your Team provided was top-notch. I had an absolute wonderful time and I know Roger and Randy did too. – C. Couture, Thousand Oaks, CA on our Arrive and Drive Race Series

“It was the hit of their Christmas break. All three of us had a great time. I imagine when birthdays roll around I’ll hear a plea for more track time. Thanks for an organized, well-run, FUN experience.” – D. Jackson, Santa Monica, CA

“Danny came from behind all weekend to win the Colorado State Championship. He also won the CRE Motorsports Park Track Championship, and the WKA Rocky Mountain Region, or the “Triple Crown.” Once again Thank You for all your help, the lapping and passing classes were put to use this weekend, not to mention the “smooth it out” sign you taught him. You guys turned him into quite the driver. Everyone compliments him on how “smooth he is and what a great line he runs.” – S. Christensen, Elisabeth CO